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Amica Aqua™ 3GL Self contained automatic pet water fountain

Amica Aqua™ 3GL Self contained automatic pet water fountain

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Amica Aqua™ - Your Pet's Ultimate Hydration Solution!

Are you searching for a hassle-free and convenient method to ensure your furry friend stays hydrated and healthy? Look no further! Introducing Amica Aqua™, the innovative solution for all your pet's hydration needs.

Enhance your pet's daily life and health with Amica Aqua™ boosting their hydration and happiness.

A few benefits from your new Amica Aqua™

Health Boost: Keep your pets hydrated to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases. Our solution ensures clean, always running fresh water, promoting their well-being

Clean & Quiet: Encourage your pet's curiosity with a system that produces low noise and reduced energy consumption. Enjoy a perfect indoor solution that blends style and function seamlessly.

Stylish Functionality: Upgrade your pet's hydration experience with our sleek design. Provide them with a reliable water source that complements your home decor while promoting their health.


-Constant Stimulation for your pet even as you are away 

-Smart and ultra modern design perfectly fits into any space   


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Reduce Destructive Behaviors: Provide fresh water to cats and dogs for improved taste, leading to happier pets and reduced destructive behaviors.

Large Holding Capacity: Ensure peace of mind by storing 4-7 days' worth of water, meeting your pets' hydration needs effortlessly.

Interactive LED Design: Stay informed about water levels with the smart LED light feature, allowing you to easily monitor and refill the exact amount of water required.



  • NON TOXIC MATERIAL: This self contained system Amica Aqua™ water fountain is made of high quality food grade ABS material. It is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, cats and other pets.
  • EASILY ASSEMBLE & OPERATION: Smart design allows for easy operation. Water level indicator ensures water is always available.
  • IDEAL for small and medium sized cats and dogs Picture 4 of 12

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Package includes:

1x Amica Aqua™


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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Yasir Irving(Verified Purchase)
My Cat Absolutely Loves It!

My cat absolutely loves this product! He has never drank more water in his life. He’s always loved sink/bath faucets — he would always cry to get into bathrooms and would sit in bathtubs for 10-15 minutes just licking the faucet, especially after someone bathed. Once I found out cats instinctively prefer running water, I knew I had to get this.

Liya Erickson(Verified Purchase)
A lovely fountain my cats absolutely love

This water fountain is very easy to clean, easy to see if the water is low and quiet. The soft splash of water is actually soothing and the motor makes no sound. My cats drink from it all the time. This was one of the best fountains I have purchased over the years.

Armani Rennie(Verified Purchase)
Cat loves it

It was easy to assemble, noise is low can hardly hear it . The cat loves it don't have to turn on water in kitchen sink anymore.

Brent Simmons(Verified Purchase)
Best water "dish" ever!!

We adopted a 2 year old cat on September 1st. Today is the 9th, the first day this bowl was set up. Benny has had more water today then I've seen him drink the last 9 days. He actually sat down in front of it and lapped up water like I've never seen him do. It took minutes to set up, seems like it will be easy to clean and It's super quiet. Both Benny and I love this thing.

Andrew Forbes(Verified Purchase)
Kitten Water Fountain

The filter helps keep the fountain clean. New kitties love it!