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IQFeed™ Pet Treat Feeder

IQFeed™ Pet Treat Feeder

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IQFeed™  Keep your pets active, engaged and anxiety free by stimulating their natural playful instincts.

Enhance your pet's daily life and play time with IQFeed™ boosting their health and hapiness.

A few benefits from your new IQFeed™

-Constant Stimulation for your pet even as you are away 

-Smart design slowly and constantly delivers treats for your pet boosting their digestive health 

-Boost your pets natural curiosity and reward them with their favorite treat 


  • REDUCES CATS AND DOGS' DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS:  Ideal for cats and dogs IQFeed™  toys can help pets channel their instincts and boost levels of mental stimulation.
  • TOY BALL TUMBLER DESIGN: the inner labyrinth with shock absorber design, allows you toplace treats into it, no matter how the IT rolls, the IQFeed™will stand freely.
  • INTERACTIVE TOY DESIGN Keep your pet entertained while helping reduce bloating and improve digestibility by slowly releasing treats 

  • NON TOXIC MATERIAL: This self propelled IQFeed™ Treat Ball is made of high quality food grade ABS material. It is It is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and cats and other pets.
  • EASILY ASSEMBLE & ADJUST FEEDING RATE: Smart design allows for easy operation. Fill with treats and let your pet do the rest 
  • IDEAL for small and medium size dogs 

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Package includes:

1x IQFeed™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Monica Huynh
Dogs Favorite Toy

It keeps them occupied and the dog just loves it. Lasts a long time.

Saniya Eaton
It's a great food puzzle!

Great product - easy to clean, and can accommodate different sizes and types of kibble/treats. If you have hardwood floors and you find the ball too loud, you can take an old sock, stretch it over the ball, and cut off the excess, allowing for the food to go through the hole. It also makes the ball easier for dogs to grab, so if it gets stuck in a corner, they can pick it up and throw it somewhere else. A great deal!

Yasemin Vega
My dogs LOVE this toy!

My dogs LOVE this toy! It's about the only toy that keeps their attention for 30+ minutes. My 2 males are over 25lbs and one of them is a super chewer. They love them so much

Priscilla Cresswell
Good Food/Treat Toy

Can be used for both dogs and cats. Overall it's great and my animals love it. But they can be too smart at times and figured out how to disassemble it a few times. It doesn't happen all the time, but when they feel like it, they separate all 3 parts. They also figured out how to use the slider to make the food/treats come out quicker. So if you have extremely smart puzzle solver dogs this may be the dispenser for you. It will still entertain them for a bit but once it's apart, my dogs are like okay where's something else. But if you don't have animals that know how to problem-solve and figure out puzzles easily, this will be perfect for your dog or cat even. Our cat loves how it wobbles and it will throw out treats. And he has no idea how to take it apart or even cares to try; he just enjoys knocking it or pouncing on it.

Cassandra Mora
Dog loves it

My 5 month old puppy loves it. She prefers to eat her meals with this. In fact, I can have a full bowl of kibble right next to this toy filled with the same kibble, and she will ignore the bowl! The only problem I have is with the size adjuster. Since it is on the outside, it gets moved as she plays with it, so it may close or be wide open. Neither which is fun! It is super frustrating. I see a lot of complaints that it doesn't hold up to being chewed. It is most definitely not a chew toy. I think you should be prepared to take it away if your dog chews it. Teaching them that they are not allowed to chew anything they wish is probably a good idea anyway.