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Kitty Mat™ Cat litter collector

Kitty Mat™ Cat litter collector

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✨Prevents litter from spreading everywhere

✨Collect & dump back litter for re-use

✨Waterproof & odor-resistant

Introducing Kitty Mat™ - The Ultimate Solution for a Pristine and Organized Litter Box Experience!

Are you tired of dealing with scattered litter and dust outside your litter box? Look no further! Kitty Mat™ is here to take care of all the dirty work for you, ensuring that your litter box and surrounding areas stay clean and tidy.

Say goodbye to the frustration of constant cleaning and hello to a more hygienic and hassle-free solution. Get one of our newest  Kitty Mat™ and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clean and tidy home, even with cats around.
Introducing the Kitty Mat™ the solution to your feline-related cleaning woes. Our foldable double-layer mat offers unparalleled protection against unwanted cat messes, keeping your home clean and free of litter.
Constructed with soft and comfortable EVA foam rubber, our mat won't harm your cat's delicate paws while they use it. Plus, the waterproof and non-slip design makes it easy to collect and clean.
With the innovative grid structure between the two layers, any litter or messes that stick to your cat's paws will be caught and stored in the pockets. This means no more scattered litter around your home and less mess to clean up.

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1x Kitty Mat™
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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Deana Velasquez
Makes unpleasant job easier

When looking for a cat litter mat to replace the one I had, I ran across this one. I was hooked by the feature of the "sifting" feature. When the cat comes out of the box and steps on the mat, litter comes of the feet onto the top layer of the mat, which is an open weave. It allows the excess litter to fall onto the solid mat underneath. When it's time to clean it all up, you only have to move the litter box out of the way and pick up the litter mat by nylon handles on each end, tip them together and either take it outside to dump, or turn it into a trash can. Sooo much easier than cleaning up litter spread all over the mat or newspaper. I made an error in the size I ordered and first got the next size smaller. When it came, I realized I wanted to cover a bit more floor so I found this next size which was perfect.

Beau Braun
Cuts down on tracking litter!

This Mat cuts down on the amount of litter that my kitty tracks onto the floor. It traps the litter and then you can dump it back into the litter box. I recommend this mat!

Bridgett Campos
Best product out there. The only one that really works

Before this I tried a plastic rug style one that traps the litter. It was obviously harder to clean and a cat peed on it and that was it. It's too hard to soap and hose down with all the nooks and crannies. This on the other hand is perfect and actually works. I now have zero litter grains making there way out of the little kitties room. Zero, I was not expecting to work that well. But you may need to buy more than 1 and make sure they are in a chokepoint where they are forced to walk over both of them. I don't think one is a enough but 2 in a row will get all the litter off the bottom of there paws. Just make sure they are forced walk over it so they don't just go around it. Which is what allot of the low star reviews seem to be doing. And don't put the litter box right on it, and waste most of it, which they also have done. Seriously game changing. I recommend it to every single cat owner.

William Yu
5 stars Wonderful

This product works well and does a great job with catching the litter I just wish it was larger to cover more area around the litter box. But it works well and made well thank you.

Helene Camacho
Does the job

Does what it was intended for