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SheRevive™ Rechargeable Massage Belt for Women's Relaxation & Menstrual Pain Relief

SheRevive™ Rechargeable Massage Belt for Women's Relaxation & Menstrual Pain Relief

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Introducing SheRevive™: Rechargable Massage Belt for Women's Relaxation & Menstrual Pain Relief

Experience the ultimate solution for menstrual pain relief and relaxation with She-Revive™. Designed for women, this rechargeable massage belt combines soothing therapy and convenience. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a new level of comfort. 


  Upgrade Materials & Fast HeatingExperience relief with SheRevive™: Rechargeable Massage Belt for Women's Relaxation & Menstrual Pain Relief. Upgraded Lycra fabric, skin-friendly and soft, combined with graphene heating technology for quick heat, improved blood circulation, and muscle relaxation. Ideal for warming the palace, stomach, abdomen, and waist.

Multi-Level Temperature Adjustment & MassageIntelligent temperature control and rechargeable pad. 3 temperature options (113℉, 131℉, 149℉) and 5 intensity massage vibration modes. Switch between modes easily. Download the app for additional features and Bluetooth connectivity (supports IOS and Android).


Gift 5000mAH Mobile Power Supply Includes a portable mobile power supply, compatible with phones, laptops, USB adapters. Can also use your own power bank. Avoid product downtime by switching to another power source. Lasts 2-5 hours on full charge, preventing any usage inconvenience.

Lightweight & Adjustable SheRevive™ stomach heating pad is lightweight, foldable, and breathable. Adapts seamlessly to body curves for even and convenient heating. Adjustable waistband with Velcro suits different body types. Easy to clean, hygiene-friendly design.

Ideal Gift this cute menstrual heating pad is the perfect gift for females, providing relief from uterine and abdominal pain. Suitable for yourself, friends, elders, or partners. Suitable for both men and women. Note: Use over clothing for safety.


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Package includes:

1x SheRevive™

1x Charging cable 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Cheri York
Gets HOT

This device gets very very hot so be careful. The only downfall is the charge doesn’t last so long.

Kelli Roy
It’s a need

Buy this. If you have bad cramps this is awesome. Super slim and get hot fast. I don’t like the other function at all. I might would try it but I typically use it at work and the massager is SO loud. But would buy again just for the heat function.

Melinda Mayer
Great product but dreadful battery life.

Picked this up because I was tired of using the microwave for a wheat heat pack and I wanted something I could use at work.

Penelope Levine
Get it

I really didn’t expect much from this product. I just thought it’ll be like a regular heating pad, which for me just helps soothe me. And I still have to take meds. But I can honestly say, this product has truly exceeded my expectations. I don’t need meds, but I’ll still take them before bed, but because of this product I don’t need them during the day! The heat is warm and comforting not to hot for my taste, however I like heat. The vibrations is an added bonus. However it can be a little loud but I don’t care because it works! I definitely recommend.

Dorothy Benjamin
My wife loves it, so... I LOVE it.

Background: I realize that I might sound like a jerk, but I promise you that my wife and I are happily married... she is very patient.