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Stylebeam 2.0™ Portable headlamp with motion activated handsfree Light anytime

Stylebeam 2.0™ Portable headlamp with motion activated handsfree Light anytime

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Stylebeam 2.0™ - The Ultimate Handsfree Lightning anytime Solution!

Are you tired of struggling to hold your light and direct it where you need it? Say goodbye to the hassle and welcome the convenience of Stylebeam 2.0™ - the perfect lighting companion for all your indoor and outdoor activities.

Discover Stylebeam 2.0™ All Perspective Induction Headlamp—a revolutionary lighting solution with cutting-edge LED technology. Delivers a wider, brighter light spread and 230° illumination at 350 lumens for unmatched visibility.

Effortlessly control light output with waving induction and 5 modes (COB 100%, COB 40%, XPE 100%, XPE 40%, and Flash). Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery and wave induction sensor enable convenient on/off control.

Portable and hands-free, this rechargeable LED headlamp weighs only 2.47 oz. Durable headband and silicone lamp shell provide a comfortable, adjustable fit for any head size.

No more hassle with traditional batteries. Micro USB charging port allows easy recharge with a standard cable. Keep it on your nightstand, ready for your morning jog.

Built to withstand various environments, this IPX4 weatherproof headlamp is perfect for jogging, biking, dog walking, construction, emergencies, and more. Illuminate your world!

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Package includes:

1x Stylebeam 2.0™

1x Charging cable 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Julio Yoder
Love these

Free up the hands and bright. I use them all the light when needing a light. Great product.

Mack Vega
Decent light spread. Nice controls.

Love that it’s rechargeable and that I can keep one in my car and one at home. Ideal for projects where you need wide coverage (under the hood). Perhaps not for camping, as it’ll likely annoy/blind others. Overall, good value, good product.

Francis Porter
Brighter than my old ones.

This is a MUST for walking the dog past sunset. As a safety issue it's a must. AND it allows me to see so I can pick up after the dog...

Gayle Roy
I love them

Super bright lights. Very light on my head. I don't like the 'auto wave your hand in front of it' feature. Whenever I move my head, it turns on or off; which is very irritating when you use it to work on stuff. Other than that, it's a great light.

Robbie Aguirre
Works great

Works great. Thank you